In 99% of the cases problems are caused by a server or PHP configuration problem. Checking the PHP error log for the error information should be the first course of action. The location of the PHP error log is defined in the PHP configuration using the directive “error_log”. If unsure about the PHP configuration, use the recomended settings.

If you suspect a database problem when using FileRun, you can check the FileRun MySQL error log located at system/data/temp/mysql_error.log.

If the provided credentials are verified as correct, but you are being returned to the login page, make sure the path set in PHP's configuration for “session.save_path” points to a folder which exists and its permissions allow PHP to write data to it. Also make sure that your disk space is not full. Make sure that you are not trying to login to FileRun via HTTP, while you have already logged in via HTTPS before that.

Try removing the “web.config” file from the FileRun installation folder. Make sure the system user under which IIS is running has write permission over the folder “system/data” (and all its subfolders). Finally, enable detailed error reporting in the IIS configuration to get more information about the problem.

Make sure PHP is configured with the latest ionCube version.

You are using a too old MySQL/MariaDB version. You would need at least version 5.6, while 5.7 is the recommended one.

Try using instead of localhost for the MySQL hostname.

Make sure PHP is configured with “include_path” which contains “.”. For more details, please see:

Your IIS server is not serving WOFF2 files correctly.

FileRun ships with a recommended.web.config file inside its root folder. Check that file out for an example recommended configuration for IIS. You can also try to simply rename that file to web.config.

Here's also a guide for older IIS versions.

If your server meets the requirements, the file permissions are correct, feel free to contact us.

Make sure you include the error message and a detailed and clear description of the problem. Screenshots are welcome.

For problems that are not related to installation, please use the public forum: