Previewing and editing files

The following options are availabe. Additionally, all files can be converted into many other formats using Zamzar or Cloudconvert third-party online services.

  • Vips and/or ImageMagick: thumbnails and previews for all known types, including raw
  • PHP GD extension: thumbnails and previews JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP
  • JPG, GIF, PNG can also be previewed directly by the browser, skipping resizing.
  • All supported image file formats can be opened in an included image editor for saving as JPG/GIF/PNG/BMP.
  • Multiple image files can be selected for creating photo proof sheets.
  • LibreOffice (included by default with the Docker install): thumbnails and full PDF-based previews for RTF, DOC, XLS, PPS, PPT, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, ODP, FODP, ODS, FODS, ODT, FODT, SXW, SXC, SXI.
  • OpenDocument Viewer: preview with included viewer for ODP, ODS, ODT.
  • ONLYOFFICE (requires installation): can preview, create and edit most common office file types.
  • Microsoft Office Web Viewer (third-party online service): can preview most common Microsoft Office file types.
  • Zoho Editor (third-party online service): can preview, create and edit most common office file types.
  • Google Docs Viewer and Editor (third-party online services): can preview, create and edit most common office file types.
  • Microsoft Office formats can be opened directly with Office apps installed on the user's computer. Editing is possible.
  • CSV files can be previewed, created and edited using the included editor.
  • On desktop browsers, PDF document preview are supported by all browsers.
  • On mobile devices they preview with FileRun's HTML5-based PDF viewer.
  • Multiple PDF documents can be merged together into one.
  • Multi-page PDF documents can be split into separate documents by pages.
  • EPS documents can be previewed with ImageMagick.

Text documents (with syntax highlighting)

  • You can create, preview and edit: SVG, CLASS, H, BAT, CMD, SH, EML, TXT, README, NFO, HTACCESS, HTM, HTML, CFM, WML, HTT, INC, VBS, JS, JSON, JAVA, JSP, JSPX, ASP, ASPX, ASHX, ASMX, AXD, PL, CGI, PHP, PHP3, PHP4, PY, RB, RHTML, ERB, PXP, XML, XHTML, SASS, CSS, TPL, SQL, SUB, SRT, LOG, INI (new extensions can be easly added).
  • MD (Markdown) files can be viewed and edited.
  • All text documents have sharp thumbnails.
  • FileRun comes with its own e-book reader.
Archive files
  • ZIP, TAR, TAR.BZ2, TBZ, BZ2, TAR.GZ, TGZ, JAR archives and GZ compressed files can be extracted.
Video files
  • WMV (usually supported only by Windows computers) - not an official FileRun feature because of third-party software requirements
  • MKV can play in the browser depending on the used codecs for video and audio
Audio files
  • MP3, MPA, M3U, M3U8, PLS, OGG, WAV, FLAC.
AutoCAD files
  • Autodesk (third-party online service) can open SKP, FBX, DWG, DWF, DXF, RVT.
Other 3D model files
  • 3d preview for: OBJ, FBX, MTL, STL, DAE, X, GLTF, GLB, 3DS, 3MF.
  • STL-thumb can be used to have thumbnails for STL files.
Misc file types
  • URL (opens the web page inside an embedded window)

Additional preview methods will be displayed in the contextual menu, under “Open with..”, when certain actions can be performed for the selected file.

Google Maps

  • available for “kml”, “kmz” and “xml” files

Bing Maps KML Viewer

  • available for “xml”, “kmz” and “gpx” files

Most preview plugins can be disabled from the control panel, under ConfigurationFilesPlugins

You can choose how FileRun handles each type of file. Simply access the control panel, under ConfigurationFilesPluginsDefaults