Custom PHP scripts can be automatically executed when the users perform one of the many monitored actions.

For example, to automatically run custom PHP code after a file is uploaded, you can simply place a PHP file named “upload.php” inside the folder “customizables/events/”.

Here's an example script:

Set file permissions after upload:

chmod($data['full_path'], 0644);

Debug $data for the available information.

The following can be used to find out what filename should you use for the event PHP script.

//more used
			'upload' => 'File uploaded',
			'receive_upload' => 'File received (via upload)',
			'receive_copy' => 'File received (via copy)',
			'receive_move' => 'File received (via move)',
			'folder_receive_copy' => 'Folder received (via copy)',
			'folder_receive_move' => 'Folder received (via move)',
			'download' => 'File downloaded',
			'provide_download' => 'File downloaded by another user',
			'preview' => 'File previewed',
			'weblink_access' => 'WebLink folder access',
			'weblink_download' => 'WebLink download',
			'weblink_upload' => 'File received (via WebLink)',
			'shared_folder_available' => 'New shared folder available',
			'shared_file_available' => 'New shared file available',
			'comment_added' => 'File comment added',
			'comment_received' => 'File comment received',
			'metadata_changed' => 'Metadata changed',
			'login' => 'Login',
			'folder_shared' => 'Folder shared',
			'file_shared' => 'File shared',
			'weblink_create' => 'WebLink created',
			'file_encrypted' => 'File encrypted',
			'file_decrypted' => 'File decrypted',
			'label_set' => 'Label changed',
			'label_received' => 'Label received',
			'star_set' => 'Star added',
			'star_removed' => 'Star removed',

			'collection_created' => 'Collection created',
			'collection_add_item' => 'Item added to collection',
			'collection_removed' => 'Collection removed',
			'collection_item_removed' => 'Item removed from collection',
			'collection_renamed' => 'Collection renamed',

//less used
			'weblink_update' => 'WebLink modified',
			'weblink_remove' => 'WebLink removed',
			'logout' => 'Logout',
			'login_failed' => 'Login failed',
			'login_failed_account_deactivated' => 'Account deactivated',
			'password_changed' => 'Password changed',
			'user_manually_activated' => 'User manual activation',
			'user_manually_deactivated' => 'User manual deactivation',
			'comment_removed' => 'File comment removed',
			'folder_unshared' => 'Folder unshared',
			'file_unshared' => 'File unshared',
//successful file actions
			'file_moved' => 'File moved',
			'file_copied' => 'File copied',
			'file_deleted' => 'File deleted',
			'deleted_file_restored' => 'Restored deleted file',
			'trash_delete_file' => 'File permanently deleted',
			'file_renamed' => 'File renamed',
			'zip_files'	=> 'Files zipped',
			'file_sent_by_email' => 'File sent by email',
			'file_locked' => 'File locked',
			'file_unlocked' => 'File unlocked',
			'version_restored' => 'File version restored',
			'version_deleted' => 'File version deleted',
			'archive_extracted' => 'Archive extracted',
//successful folder actions
			'new_folder' => 'New folder created',
			'folder_moved' => 'Folder moved',
			'folder_deleted' => 'Folder deleted',
			'deleted_folder_restored' => 'Restored deleted folder',
			'trash_delete_folder' => 'Folder permanently deleted',
			'folder_renamed' => 'Folder renamed',
			'folder_copied' => 'Folder copied',
			'trash_empty' => 'Trash emptied',
			'trash_empty_fail' => 'Failed to empty trash',
//failed file actions
			'upload_failed' => 'Upload failed',
			'download_failed' => 'Download failed',
			'weblink_upload_failed' => 'WebLink upload failed',
			'file_copy_failed' => 'Failed to copy file',
			'file_deletion_failed' => 'Failed to delete file',
			'file_move_failed' => 'Failed to move file',
			'failed_file_rename' => 'Failed to rename file',
			'zip_files_failed' => 'Failed to zip files',
			'file_lock_failed' => 'Failed to lock file',
			'file_unlock_failed' => 'Failed to unlock file',
			'failed_to_add_comment' => 'Failed to add comment to file',
			'failed_to_remove_comment' => 'Failed to remove comment from file',
			'version_restoration_failed' => 'Failed to restore file version',
			'version_deletion_failed' => 'Failed to delete file version',
//failed folder actions
			'new_folder_failed' => 'Failed to create new folder',
			'failed_folder_rename' => 'Failed to rename folder',
			'folder_copy_failed' => 'Failed to copy folder',
			'folder_deletion_failed' => 'Failed to delete folder',
			'folder_move_failed' => 'Failed to move folder',
//failed collection action
			'collection_create_failed' => 'Failed to create collection',
			'collection_add_item_failed' => 'Failed to add item to collection',
			'collection_removal_failed' => 'Collection removal failed',
			'collection_item_removal_failed' => 'Failed to remove collection item',
			'collection_rename_failed' => 'Failed to rename collection',
			'folder_notification_settings_changed' => 'Folder notification settings changed',
			'new_user_registration' => 'New user registration',
			'password_recovery' => 'Password recovery',
			'user_added' => 'User added',
			'guest_user_added' => 'Guest user added',
			'user_edited' => 'User edited',
			'user_deleted' => 'User deleted',
			'role_added' => 'Role added',
			'role_edited' => 'Role edited',
			'role_deleted' => 'Role deleted',
			'space_quota_warning' => 'Space quota warning',
			'user_added_to_group' => 'User added to group',
			'user_removed_from_group' => 'User removed from group'