Advanced configuration

Most of the configuration is done from FileRun's control panel.

However, there are additional configuration options that can be set from a configuration file.

The PHP file customizables/config.php needs to start with

on the first line.

If the files does not exist, you can simply create it.

Do not end the file with “?>”.

$config['app']['quick_tags'] = [
	['color' => 'green', 'text' => 'approved'],
	['color' => 'orange', 'text' => 'pending'],
	['color' => 'red', 'text' => 'rejected'],

Define the quick tags.

$config['app']['ui']['custom_js_url'] = 'http://your-website/your.js';

Add custom JavaScript code to the FileRun UI. You can also skip this and create the file “customizables/theme.css” and enable it from under the FileRun control panel section “Interface > Branding > Theme”.

$config['app']['ui']['ReadMeFileName'] = "README";

Sets the name of the file that is used for displaying folder information.

$config['app']['hidden_file_names'][] = "_*";

Hides files and folders who's names are starting with “_”, only in the regular user interface. You can add multiple configuration lines like this one, for various filename patterns. Hidden files and folders will still be visible and accessible via the API, WebDAV and apps. Hidden files and folders can be created and uploaded by users, even if they don't show in the list. Downloading a folder containing hidden files and folders, will not include these files.

$config['thumbs']['limit_file_size'] = 20971520;

If the thumbnail generation requires image resizing, this limits the resizing only to files larger than 20971520 bytes (20MB). ImageMagick can take a lot of hardware resources while trying to process very large files.

$now = new DateTime();$nextWeek = $now->add(new DateInterval('P1W'));
$config['app']['weblinks']['defaults']['expiry'] = $nextWeek->format('Y-m-d');

Make weblinks expire by default after one week. For other time intervals, see

$config['app']['email']['dont_send_pass'] = true;

Do not include the configured weblink passwords in the e-mailed links. Use this if you wish to provide the password in a separate message or using an alternative communication method.

$config['app']['weblinks']['forcePasswords'] = true;

Forces the users to set passwords to the created web links.

$config['app']['email']['bcc_files'] = "";

Send a BCC copy of all “Send by e-mail” messages to “”.

$config['app']['weblinks']['comments']['show'] = true;

Display the comments users attached to files.

$config['app']['weblinks']['comments']['hide_names'] = true;

* Depends on the above. Hides the users names, so only their comments are displayed.

$config['app']['weblinks']['comments']['hide_dates'] = true;

* Depends on “$config['app']['weblinks']['comments']['show']”. Hides the dates of the users comments.

$config['app']['weblinks']['disableShortURL'] = true;

Disables the option of generating short links.

$config['app']['weblinks']['force_download'] = ["html", "txt", "pdf"];

Makes PDF, HTML and TXT files download when accessing a Web Link, instead of being opened inside the browser.

$config['app']['weblinks']['audio_file_types'] = ['aac', 'aiff', 'm4a', "mp3", "ogg", "flac", 'alac', "wav", "mpg", 'wma', 'mqa'];

Defines the list of types of files that should be included when opening a Web Linked folders as audio playlist. The above is the default list of file types.

$config['app']['weblinks']['logging']['downloads']['disable'] = true;

Disables logging of downloads through Web Links.

$config['app']['weblinks']['logging']['folder_access']['disable'] = true;

Disables logging of accesses made to Web Linked folders.

$config['app']['weblinks']['logging']['referrer']['disable'] = true;

Disables logging of visitors' referrers on downloading Web Links.

$config['app']['email']['enableWebLinkThreshold'] = 20971520;

Send files by e-mail as Web Links if their sizes are higher than 20MB. The default value is 10485760 (10MB).

$config['app']['weblinks']['useClientEmail'] = true;

Force users to send files using their local e-mail programs instead of FileRun's own function.

$config['app']['weblinks']['custom_url_shortener'] = '';

Configure custom URL shortener. The example is based on Yourls ( For shorteners which require the FileRun weblink address to be present in the URL, use the ### placeholder.

$config['app']['email']['sendFromDefault'] = true;

Have the files send by the users via e-mail be sent from the configured default e-mail address instead of the e-mail address of the sending user.

Force users to type a unique company name at registration.

$config['app']['admin']['users']['delete']['skipHomeFolderSubCheck'] = true;

Allows you to delete one user's home folder when you are deleting the user accounts, even if the user's home folder contains other users' home folders. We recommend you not to use this option, to avoid accidental file loss.

$config['app']['login']['2step']['allow_user_control'] = false;

Prevents users from enabling or disabling the 2-step verification for their accounts.

$config['app']['login']['restrict_ip']['admin'] = "";

Limit the access of user “admin” to IP address “”. You can configure as many users as you want. The value can also be an array of multiple IP addresses (Example: ['', ''])

$config['app']['login']['restrict_ip']['admin'] = "";

Limit the access of user “admin” to IP address range “192.168.0.*” using a 24 bit subnet mask.
There are three possible formats that can be used:
1. Wildcard format: 1.2.3.*
2. CIDR format: 1.2.3/24 OR
3. Start-End IP format:

$config['app']['api']['oauth2']['header_access_token_only'] = false;

Allows the OAuth2 token to be provided via a POST OR GET variable (“access_token”) instead of the “Authorization” header. <br>Use this only for testing.

$config['app']['logging']['skip_provide_download'] = true;

It makes FileRun skip logging the “File downloaded by another user” action. This is useful when you have many users sharing the same home folder.

$config['system']['email_notification']['logging']['expiration'] = 5;

Sets the number of days FileRun keeps the e-mail notification logs to 5. The default setting is 2.

$config['app']['email_notification']['basic_actions'] = ['space_quota_warning', 'shared_folder_available', 'receive_copy', 'receive_move', 'receive_upload', 'comment_received', 'provide_download', 'label_set'];

These are the default actions FileRun is e-mailing users about when notifications are enabled.|

Folder to store the trashed files and folders. If your trash folder is on a separate device/partition/file-system, you will probably want to set $config['system']['fm']['use_safe_move'] = true; otherwise you won't be able to delete folders to trash due to a PHP limitation.

$config['path']['thumbnail_cache'] = '/path/with/write/permission/';

Folder to store generated thumbnail data in. Make sure you use an absolute path and avoid an empty value at all costs, as it can lead to inadvertent data loss.

$config['app']['metadata']['indexing']['web']['max_files'] = 50;

Have FileRun index 50 media files in a single HTTP request. The default is 10.

$config['app']['metadata']['disable_extraction'] = true;

Disable the metadata extraction (media indexing) on file upload.

$config['system']['db']['utf8_names'] = true;

Force the MySQL connection to use UTF-8.

$config['system']['http']['proxy'] = 'http://localhost:3128';

Make FileRun use a proxy for downloading software updates.

$config['app']['media']['photos']['library_root'] = '/Photos';

Set the relative subfolder path for the Photos media library root.

$config['app']['media']['music']['library_root'] = '/Music';

Set the relative subfolder path for the Music media library root.|

Show own actions in the “Activity” panel.

$config['app']['folder_activity']['show_all_actions'] = true;

Disabled grouping actions by file in the “Activity” panel.

$config['app']['filelog']['enable_for_shares'] = true;

Allow users to view the per file/folder activity logs on shared files and folders. This applies also to the “Activity” panel which will show up also for shared folders.

$config['app']['metadata']['search']['exclude_system_filetypes'] = true;

Hides the list of system default metadata file types (Audio, Documents, Photos, Videos) in the metadata file type search.

$config['app']['metadata']['search']['exclude_system_fields'] = true;

Hides the list of system default metadata fields (the ones that belong to the “Audio”, “Documents”, “Photos”, “Videos” file types) in the metadata file search.

$config['system']['webdav']['skip_device_id_for_etag'] = true;

Use this when the storage device ID might change. This change happens when Docker volumes are remounted. So if the desktop app wants to resync files every time your Docker container restarts, use this option.|