Desktop sync

You can keep your remote folders in sync with your local ones, or the other way around with the desktop sync apps.

The apps are available from the download page:

On the first run, you will be asked to provide your FileRun installation URL, your FileRun username and password. You can either sync your entire account, or choose particular folders.

You can also use third-party software via FileRun's WebDAV interface.

1. Enabling third-party authentication will considerably slow sync down, because WebDAV is a stateless protocol, authentication happens with each and every request. Your third-party authentication server might be flooded when syching folders with many small files.

2. Disable “Instant e-mail notification” from the Control Panel Email section. Use this instead.

3. Add the following inside the configuration file. Note that it will disable e-mail notifications which are sent to other FileRun users when you download files which are found in other user's folders.

$config['app']['logging']['skip_provide_download'] = true;