File-based Activity Logs

FileRun keeps an activity log for each file available in the users' home folders. This is completely independent of the user activity log that is accessible by the admin users in the control panel. This log allows the users to see a history of everything that happened to the file through FileRun.

It can be globally disabled from “Control Panel » System configuration » Files » Misc options”. While disabled, no activity will get logged on the files, although existing records will not get deleted and will be accessible once the feature is enabled again.

Access to the files' activity logs can also be enabled/disabled per user or role, from the list of user permissions.

Activity logs can be accessed only on files located inside the user's home folder. The activity logs of shared files are not accessible. Not even inside anonymously shared folders. So users can share folders without worrying that the history of their actions will be shown to other users.

Additional details are displayed for certain actions. For example, sending a file by e-mail will show the list of recipients. However, only the user who performed the action and the admin users are able to see these details.