Mozilla Thunderbird FileLink Addon

This addon that can be used with Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail program.

It can be installed from Thunderbird's add-ons section, or from the Mozilla add-ons website:

This addon is compatible with FileRun versions newer than 2021.06.27.

This addon allows you to easily e-mail large file attachments by uploading those attachments to your FileRun user account and then inserting a web link to the file into the body of your email.


Please follow these steps:

  1. Install the add-on
  2. Open Thunderbird's “Options” panel and go to “Attachments”
  3. On the “Outgoing” tab click the “Add” button
  4. Select “*cloud” from the list and fill in the form. The “Server URL” is the FileRun installation URL (make sure you include a trailing slash).
  5. Click “Save”.

You can now start attaching files to your messages with FileRun. To do that, just select “FileRun” from the “Write” panel's “Attach” → “Filelink” menu option.