SimpleSAMLphp Authentication

SimpleSAMLphp is a third-party PHP application that deals with authentication. The main focus of SimpleSAMLphp is providing support for SAML 2.0, but it supports a wide range of other protocols, such as Shibboleth, CAS, OpenID, WS-Federation or OAuth.

Step 1: Install SimpleSAMLphp

More information about SimpleSAMLphp here:

Make sure you install it on the same domain and subdomain as FileRun, so that FileRun ca access the same browser cookies as SimpleSAMLphp. If you are unsure what that means, just install SimpleSAMLphp in a subfolder inside the FileRun installation folder.

Step 2: Configure SimpleSAMLphp with your iDP

Once you have configured SimpleSAMLphp with your identity provider, test your settings, and make sure you can signed in successfully, and that you are seeing the user information, like in this screenshot:

Step 2: Configure FileRun

You can easily activate and configure the plugin directly from FileRun's control panel, under System configuration ยป User login and registration.

Using the attributes you are seeing inside SimpleSAMLphp, configure the FileRun mapping.

As per the example screenshot

  • Username attribute mapping would be samlLoginName
  • First name attribute mapping would be givenName
  • Last name attribute mapping would be surName
  • E-mail attribute mapping would be emailAddress
  • Group names attribute mapping would be memberOf

But the attributes returned from your identity provider can be completely different. The above is just an example to help you understand how the mapping is done.