FileRun works with most hosting service, with either their shared or dedicated plans. If you are using a dedicated, VPS, or any other type of virtual dedicated server, it is guaranteed that FileRun will work great for you.

The following is a note for people using shared/budget hosting plans, the ones that usually charge less than $5/month. These cheap plans are very good for hosting a simple website. However, some of them are not suitable for running a serious application like FileRun. That is because most FileRun processes require:

  1. a larger amount of server RAM memory
  2. longer PHP script execution times
  3. longer client requests (large uploads) and longer server replies (large downloads)

These are expensive resources and the hosting companies limit clients access to them, to be able to host a large number of clients on a small number of servers, and keep the costs low. These servers are configured to automatically stop requests that are taking a long time to execute. So if you have users with low bandwidth (poor Internet connections), that require a very long time to upload or download even the smaller files, you should look for a better hosting plan, like a VPS, where you are allowed to use more server resources and for longer periods of time.

If you are mostly dealing with documents, small image files or other types of files with sizes that do not exceed 100MB, a budget hosting service can work quite fine.

We recommend that before purchasing a FileRun license, contact us to help you review the server configuration, to make sure FileRun will work great for you.

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