Alternate downloads

Important: This feature has been removed from FileRun.

If your RAW photographs are very large and it takes a long time for FileRun/ImageMagick to generate a preview, or your 4K videos cannot be previewed by clients with slower Internet connections, it can be more practical to share with your clients a folder containing low resolution versions of your media. To still provide the users with the option of downloading the high res/raw version of the files, you can use this plugin. It will add an “Open with..” option called “Alternate Download”. To enable the plugin, edit it from the “Files” → “Plugins” control panel section and set a configuration JSON.

You can configure as many folders with alternate downloads as you wish. Here's an example configuration:

	"paths": [{
		"normal": "/your/files",
		"alternate": "/your/alternate/files",
		"extension": "jpg"
  • 'normal' is the folder you wish to enable the plugin for.
  • 'alternate' is the path of the folder you wish to use for the source of alternate files.
  • 'extension' is optional, if the alternate files have a different extension than the one selected by the user.

Note that the download actions are being logged to the normal file (the file which was selected by the user), not to the alternate file. You can see when a user is downloading the alternate version of the file when the download log entry shows “alternate_download” in the details.

P.S. The folders containing alternate versions need not be accessible by the FileRun user.