Upgrading FileRun to PHP 7

Note: FileRun versions released before 2018 support only up to PHP version 7.0. For PHP 7.1 or 7.2 you will need FileRun version 2018.02.13 or newer.

The FileRun application files that are currently in use on your PHP 5 server were designed to be used specifically with that version of PHP. Upgrading to version 7 will cause the FileRun installation to stop working. The solution is to replace the application files with a new set, from a PHP 7 FileRun installation package. This can be done before or after upgrading the PHP version. It makes no difference, as the FileRun installation would not be accessible either way. The FileRun version of the installation package which you'll be using needs to match the exact FileRun version which you are currently running.

To determine which FileRun version you are currently running, sign in as superuser, open the control panel and navigate to “Software update”.

If, for example, you are running version 2016.11.07 you will need the installation package named FileRun_2016_11_07_PHP7.zip. Note the “PHP7” part in the filename. The latest FileRun version can always be downloaded from our homepage, but if you wish to upgrade an older FileRun version, contact us for receiving an appropriate installation package for your version.

Let's assume you are updating version 2016.11.07 and your FileRun installation folder is located inside /www/filerun/. Please follow these steps:

  1. Make a backup of your folder /www/filerun/. Preferably on a completely different server/computer.
  2. Create a subfolder /www/filerun/@old.
  3. Move everything from /www/filerun/ to the @old subfolder.
  4. Extract the archive FileRun_2016_11_07_PHP7.zip inside /www/filerun
  5. Delete (or rename/move - just to be safe and make sure you are not deleting the wrong folder) the folder /www/filerun/system/data.
  6. Move the folder /www/filerun/@old/system/data inside /www/filerun/system/. (This basically transfers over your settings and data.)
  7. If you are getting a licensing error, simply access http://YOUR-SITE.COM/filerun/?alicense=1&key=YOUR-FILERUN-LICENSE-KEY to update the license.
  8. After confirming that the installation is working fine, you can delete the remaining /www/filerun/@old subfolder.

And that's it. If you have upgraded PHP to version 7, then the FileRun installation should also be up and running now.