User Activity Notifications

To see what actions have been performed by other FileRun users inside your home folder, access the “Folder Activity” tab available on the “Details and activity” panel on the right side of the user interface. To see the tab, access the folder without selecting any items inside.

The notifications can be made real-time, by enabling integration:

  1. Signup for a free Pusher API account at
  2. Access the FileRun control panel as superuser and go to “System configuration” > “Misc options” section.
  3. Enable the main checkbox and configure the App ID, Key and Secret that you get from your account.

The users will be notified in real-time about files that have been uploaded, files that have been downloaded, previewed or commented by other users.

Each user can enable/disable the sound notifications from their Account Settings panel. The preference persists between browser sessions, so the user will not have to use the toggle every time he is accessing FileRun. The sound is enabled by default for all users. To mute it by default, add the following to the configuration file:

$config[['app']][['disable_sound_notification']] = true;

The sound played on notification can be customized by replacing the two files “sounds/new.mp3” and “sounds/new.ogg”.

  • The users will be notified only about actions performed inside their own home folder. They will not be notified about actions performed in folders that are shared to them by other users.
  • If user doesn't have permission to read file comments in its own home folder, the number of new events will still increase when comments are being added.
  • This feature doesn't work properly with hidden folders. Users will be notified about actions performed inside hidden folders, so you will wish to disable the feature for the users with hidden folders. (The option for hiding folders will be dropped in future versions)

This feature is connected to the “file-based activity logs” feature. Disabling the user's “User can access the files' activity logs” permission, will disable this feature as well.